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so who is tegan, really?

Tegan Cochrane combines formal education and real world experience to build client success.


Tegan enjoyed athletic success and suffered injury setback to build her competitive spirit. She added extensive formal education to learn the basic principles of success. She used practical business experience to discover the true nature of success. These are her building blocks: drive, education, practicality. Her natural growth takes her to this point where her deep roots create a solid foundation to help business of all sizes, all industries, in all stages reach their individual goals. Contact her to find out for yourself.


“We achieved the desired goal in a timely manner and there was consistent communication throughout the project.”

Andrew kersten | fuel victoria


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Media Presence

Zero to Here Podcast - January 2019 (59:07)

3M Commercial - February 2018 (0:07)

Save the Track Bike Podcast - April 2018 (38:33)

Pedal Magazine Interview - November 2017 (3:26)


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