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Every business needs distinctive solutions. My dedication to every client shines through brightly in the examples here.  


Strategy and consulting + BRanding and visual design

Invictus Digital Marketing Group

Challenges: This start-up digital agency needed to build structures that would help smooth the on-boarding of new clients and streamline their new employee acquisition and training. They also needed to build their brand. 

Solutions: I re-created their entire new client acquisition plan, including rebuilding their website, creating new sales pitch and proposal documents, and wrote a complete New Employee Manual along with other corporate documents.

Results: Invictus now enjoys a more professional appearance, both on their web site and in business social media networks. Their clients receive better analytics and better promotional solutions, and their employee’s are better trained and more dedicated to their duties.  


strategy and consulting + website design

Ark Canada

Challenges: A mature company – they have more than 60 years’ successful history – needed to move to the digital age with a fresh look. They also wanted a re-fresh on their target audience to attract untapped areas of revenue.  

Solutions: I performed extensive market research to uncover new markets and identify their true competition. I created a comprehensive business plan that created new marketing and sales plans, located fresh audiences and improved fiscal planning and forecasts.

Results: Their new data-driven marketing plan generated so much success that a large corporation acquired the firm, with a considerable profit for the original owners.


WEbsite design + branding and VIsual Design

Tegan Cochrane

Challenges: How to transition from a world-class athlete to a respected and highly-valued service supplier?

Solutions: “Physician; heal thyself.” I created a brand for myself – a living, natural and professional brand – and created a web presence featuring natural flavour and a taste of my passion for creativity.

Results: There was an immediate and pronounced uptick in both web traffic and prospective client interaction. More conversations lead to more profitable business.


website design

Various Websites

Challenges: A variety of companies, in many sizes, markets and structures, need my guidance and skills to build or re-build their web presence. They require a new web site, or a complete e-commerce site, or a new social media campaign. While their challenges are unique, their needs are similar: build a brand that customers trust and remember, and increase sales.  

Solutions: Entertaining and engaging design, creative and impactful copy, perfectly-functioning web features generated from my experience, skill-set and dedication for perfection.

Results: 100% Satisfaction. My clients enjoy working with a dedicated professional who delivers top-quality work on time and under budget. Hassle free web development tailored to each clients specific needs.


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